Tinder Tales


Part 3 The Columbian Family Jewels

  • I got my answer on the following Monday.  We were supposed to hang out on Monday night, but I hadn’t talked to him all weekend.  This was strange because we normally spent the weekend together.  But, we both had stuff going on so I didn’t really think too much of it.  He called me Monday night.  We small talk for about 5-10 minutes about what we had done over the weekend.  Then he tells me that he had called for a reason.  We needed to talk.  I ask him what he wants to talk about.  He tells me that he has been thinking about it for the past couple of weeks and he doesn’t think we should see each other anymore.  My response, okay.  There is silence for about a minute.  He asks is that all I have to say.  Yeah, I respond.  Then I ask are you done?  I thought you had more to say.  He says that he doesn’t.  That was it.  Okay, I say again.   What do you want me to say then?  That you broke my heart, I ask.  He says something like that.  I start laughing.  I tell him that he would have to have my heart in order to break it.  He doesn’t have it, so I am fine.  I ask him what made him decide that he didn’t want to see me again.  He tells me that he already told me. He’s been thinking about it for the past couple of weeks.  Great, I tell him.

So informative!  This has become a pet peeve of mine about him.  Not talking to me.  When I ask a question, I expect an answer.  I get nothing from him.  He then goes on to tell me that I am one if not the best looking girl that he’s been with.  That he really likes me, but not in that way.  He says that he views me more as a friend than anything.  This makes me laugh even more.  I tell him that we aren’t friends.  Never have been friends.  My friends tell me things, I say.  I tell him that he has made it easy for me because I share his viewpoint on not wanting to see each other anymore.  I also tell him that I know what he’s doing.  I tell him that now he has had a trial run on his penis that he wants to share his newly circumcised dick with the rest of the world.  I tell him not to expect too much because even though it’s new to him…for the ladies it’ll look like every other dick we’ve ever seen.  No big thing.  He gets really quiet.  Then he asks if we can be friends again.  No, I tell him.  We aren’t friends.  I say that this is the point of the conversation where I say “Take care and good luck!”.  He responds with what do you mean take care and good luck.  Laughing, I say just that…take care…and good luck.  Conversation over. I hang up.

Some of you may think that I am crazy for what I did.  Sticking around in what clearly wasn’t going anywhere just to have it end the way that it did.  But, the guy was a nice guy for the most part.  I enjoyed some of the time that we had together.  I tried to overlook things about him and get out of my own way.  I really wanted to know what was going to happen.  If he was going to drop me like a bad habit once he knew he could have sex again.  Question asked. Question answered.  Yes.  At least, I know that the time we were together he didn’t cheat on me because he couldn’t have sex.  100% sure…circumcision.  Ever confirmed by him…nope.  Funny.

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