Tinder ghosting


What is ghosting?

Tinder Ghosting is the act of abruptly cutting all communication with someone you’ve previously been texting or dating. It’s not really the done thing IRL, but when the next person is only a few swipes away, it’s increasingly becoming the norm.

What to do if you get ghosted

If you don’t get a reply in 48 hours, the first thing to do is to think of why that might be. Put yourself in their shoes, were they?:

  • Moving house
  • Revising for an exam
  • On a camping trip in the wild
  • On a 21 hour flight back from Oz
  • Meeting their ex to ‘just chat things through’
  • Sat at home not doing much

If your answer was something around the first four, then there might be a valid reason. If it’s the latter two though, the issue might be closer to home.

People usually ghost for the following reasons:

  • They’ve found someone more interesting to talk to
  • They’re not enjoying the conversation you’re having
  • They just don’t fancy you

DON’T double text them straight away. This will just appear desperate.

DO wait for at least a week. Then think about it.

If you think there’s a valid reason they might have missed your messages, send another- find something new in your life that’s happened that connects to something you’ve previously discussed.

If you think they just avoided you because you bored them to tears… it’s probably time to get swiping again.

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