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Ok, we have all heard it by now…Tinder, thedating app taking the world by storm. Many users seem to be addicted to this dating app and because of it’s popularity I thought it would be helpfull writing a post and sharing my personal experience since I have been using this app for a couple of weeks now.
The reason that I share my experience only now is because for a while it was too good to be true .. it was briefly the best dating app ever!!

My experiences with Tinder before it was popular…

I remember when I was on a holiday in France a good friend of mine (who lives in France) told me about this app. He told me to check this new dating app Tinder! When he was in the Netherlands, it was filled with hot girls.

So when I came back home in the Netherlands, of course I tried Tinder out right away :)

I was amazed on the spot. Tinder was really packed with almost only pretty girls aging from 21-30. Really ridiculous compared to other dating sites. I’ve never been as much behind my phone and dated as those few weeks.But…. When Tinder came on the newschannel all of the sudden it was not so easy to score. It’s because:

  1. More men started using Tinder (more competition…)
  2. More “unattractive” women were on Tinder

That’s why I’m sharing with you my Tinder experiences and tips. There are actually some usefull tips to get much better and nicer dates with Tinder.

What you do is go to ‘possible matches’. You will now see (mostly in the age category of 18-25) pictures of women and you can choose whether they are attractive or not. If you find them attractive, you swipe her photo to the right or click on the green heart right.
If you don’t find her attractive swipe her to the left or click on the cross. The nice thing is that women do this at the same time. They can choose which men they like. If you both like each other, you can just start your date chat with each other, it’s really as simple as that!

My own experience with Tinder

As said at first Tinder was better, now you have to put a bit more effort in finding nice girls and getting dates, but still it’s very good. I ‘ll explain to you why:

1. Tinder hardly takes any time

On the other dating sites you often have to fill in long profiles.
Tinder grabs information from Facebook, so you can get started right away.

2. Your attractiveness is mainly based on profile photos

Writing a good profile text can be very handy, it can help you becoming succesfull and getting new matches even though you are not that goodlooking. On the other hand, it takes a lot of effort to make good pictures (even if you are attractive).

With Tinder you will be primarily judged on your profile picture. If you have a good profile picture it will mean that you will get A LOT MORE matches. It’s something different than dating which is primarly based on profile texts. The good thing is that when you know how to manipulate these pictures, it will be much easier to get matches (if you read on you will find out the 3 Tinder tips which should help you do this) and start internet dating.

3. It can be very easy to get dates with Tinder

Because women already choose you based on appearance, it is easier to get dates. They basically said ‘yes’ so you can get their phone number quickly.

4. There are more beautiful women on Tinder

Although lately many new and less attractive women were unleashed on Tinder, still there are relatively more beautiful women on Tinder than on other dating sites.

5. Tinder’s great when you stay in another country

My French friend, who told me about this datingapp, talked about the fun Tinder experiences he had when he stayed over in Amsterdam. Within an hour he had arranged two dates with cute women!!
Tinder only matches you with people in your area. So if you are in Paris you get matches from Paris and if you’re in New York you will get matches from New York .

3 Tinder dating tips to help you get better and more dates

Now you’re probably wondering what you should do to get more tinder dates. That’s why I will give you 3 tips that you can use to get more and nicer matches instantly.
Pay attention…

Tip 1: Pick a good Tinder profile picture

The most important tip to get more matches is making a good profile picture, without a good picture you will get no matches. That’s why I’m going to explain what a good profile picture is.

Research has been done to find out what the best profile picture is. For women it turns out to be when they look at the camera and smile or flirt.


For men it’s something different. The best results you get is when you do not laugh and do not look at the camera (9/10) compared to (6/10) when you look at the camera.

So (if you are a man) the best thing you can do is take a picture where you look away from the camera and not smiling.

Tip 2: Selecting Matches on Tinder

The next tip is that you should select MANY matches. Why? If you look at each profile before you choose whether you would be dating someone or not is very time consuming. It’s not true that the longer you look at a profile, you will have a better chance she chooses you.

Option A (the long way)
You are viewing 100 women, 50% is pretty but to see this you will go through every picture thoroughly. That will take you about 15 seconds per woman. For all 100 profiles you’re taking 25 minutes and you have “approved” the 50 beautiful women and less attractive “fail.” Of these 50 you will receive about 10 messages back (20 %).
Total time: 25 minutes

Option B (the short way)
You are viewing 100 women. 50% is pretty. You do not look at them carefully, but select all of them. That will cost you about 1 second per woman. With this option it will take you about two minutes and you have ‘approved’ all 100 women. Out of every 100 women you get about 30 messages back (20 % of the handsome women and 40 % of the ugly). Now you only have to look at 30 women (15 seconds) and the ugly ones you block (right above the screen) .
Total time: 2 minutes + 7.5 minutes = 10 minutes .

Tip 3: Expand your target area

target area

Tinder has quite a number of settings that can be modified for displaying profiles, if you feel that you are not getting a lot of matches maybe you should consider increasing your search distance range between 5 and 100 miles. What you also can do is modifying the age bracket you are interested in. You can edit the age limit between 18 years and 50 plus. But try to be realistic in changing these options: you might consider the person to be too young or maybe too old for you, and for a relationship they could live too far away from you.

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