March 21


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  • Asian boys
    Hello My Dear Nina, I'm here looking for a girl or a woman for being my real soulmate, whom I can get married and live the rest of life happily ever after. I'm not here to play games of love break someone's heart, so expecting the same from a girl too, I want my permanent life partner, who can love me only, can understand me and my emotions for her in form of love and affections. She should be loyal, truthful, honest, careing, faithful and most importantly sincerely give all her love to me only. I want to devoted my life to that girl, whoever posses all such qualties even though she may not be able to look good but still love me immensely so, I'll get drowned in her love of and live the rest of my life. It's doesn't matter for me that the girl whom I can declare my lovely wedded wife officially should be either rich or poor, it never ever bother me is she married before and having children or a single mother. Also I simply don't believe in all these casts and religions. So, respective of all of these simple sociable barriers, all that matters for me is, the girl or the woman should be always loyal, truthful and honest to me in giving all her live and respect only for me. And never ever lie or betray me pretending of loving me instead of having affair with someone else and being with me and utilising my emotions and soft corner of heart for her in greed of acquiring my property, business and rest of the wealth. Till date I'm absolutely virgin and didn't have affairs with any girls as I've kept myself preserved for my wife, to whom I can bestowed all my love and affectionate care and respect as she deserves only apart from my properties and wealth. Because flirting someone, then having sex and later on leaving her all alone breaking the heart is not my culture as received from my parents.
  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  • Good morning Nina.
    I just like to say that you are a gorgeous looking lady and have a pretty sweet smile.
  • Asian boys

    are you really beautiful or my eyes are blind


  • Hey gorgeous 

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Aug 21, 2019


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