Kuala Lumpur


February 6


Geek. Notty. Funny. "masuk air" they say, but frankly, quite serious in relationship and at work once you get to know me. Cool and relax person who loves travelling. Most likely spending my time at Pantai Roads and Lembah Pantai, even Pantai Malibu or Dover.

I like :

doing karaoke and salsa dance. a very good chef too - knows how to serve your tea with a right spoon, and good massage. Sharing is caring, but I'm a good farmer who would be reasonable looking after the farms while let them run around. Loves dogs and cats. Even zebra. One at a time. Love xtreme sports, sailing, hiking, horse riding, swinging in high mountains or archery in the deep forest.

I'm looking for ...

"kawan chantek" yang nampak lama tapi masih elok, or maybe... a lost mama who might be sick. or frozen. or yang tersisih di tepi. or mereka yang kesepian setelah dilanda bencana hujan dan dirempuh lori, garuda, beruang, sapi, arnab gemuk, babi hutan, atau dibaling guli, baldi, besi karat, atau tong sampah.


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