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Randolph, ME


July 17

Who i am?

I am a single 45 year old who is spontaneous and can have a great time doing almost anything. Let me give you some physical characteristics..Hazel colored eyes, black hair, 5'10, 215lbs.... My appearance is very clean cut but always enjoy getting down and dirty. I am open-minded, passionate, responsible, educated, and energetic....


Golf, shopping, playing poker, fishing, traveling to new places and of course revisiting some old ones, dining out at new restaurants and every now and again going out to hit the dance floor and get down with some meringue, salsa or maybe the electric slide..LOL

I'm looking for ...

I would love to meet and have a satisfying mutual relationship where we both are feeling free and happy. I am employed full time and go to college part time to complete my degree program BUT there is always time to enjoy life especially with someone who enjoys fine dining, great wine, intelligent conversation and all the cultural aspects of the city life such as Portland, Maine., Boston and/or New York City. Have kids? Great if you do because I enjoy the family dynamics and LOVE sticking together as a family. I am looking for a women that I can stand behind and support with all my heart...Integrity, Loyalty and Trust are very important.

My dating age range is:

18-25, 20-40, 30-40, +45, +55

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