East Vancouver, B.C.


April 16


Debonair, sexy, romantic, sophisticated, highly educated, hip. None of these words are me. 58 year old hetero male cycle commuter thoroughly ensconced in a lifetime of sexual shame fortified by dysfunctional self talk. Apparently, a sexual relationship will make me woke. Anyone into making me woke?

I like :

All kinds of theatre and music festivals, polls, Google news, idle chit-chat, shameful self-talk..

I'm looking for ...

To be blunt (and my shame counselor told me to be blunt) I am looking for a sexual relationship to overcome my sexual shame. I am not looking for a counselor, but if have patience for those working through their stuff, that would be a bonus. Having said that, if you respond to this ad you are OK in my book. When I get 1000 responses, I can whittle it down a bit.


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Jun 11, 2019


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