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Brooklyn, NY


February 6

Who i am?

Am a creative lady, who try to find my own life who works very hard to get what i want. I feel lonely without a man in my life and haven't found my real love yet, to whom I will dedicate my life.. But for me, the appearance of outside is not that important. The important thing is people's hearts...got a great job with a good salary, But,life is just too real to play around,i like the easy things in life,i love cuddling a lot and going to the beach.I dislike people who lies and people who play head games,i dislike pretenders also.


Reading meditation listening to music

I'm looking for ...

I am here for my unique, who is also looking for me too.. I am here for my prince who is searching for my love,

My dating age range is:

+45, +55

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