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April 20

Who i am?

Im the guy on your right, getting his boob squeezed by the pervy chef. Im a pretty nice guy, i like a little bit of everything, im fairly mild mannered and easy going, had my heart broken, dont want to do that again in a hurry, dont want to be lonely either.


Anything nature, outdoorsy stuff like walking, boozing occasionally, drawing, looking after my daughter, taking kids out to do stuff, cooking, anything really, im not all that fussy, as long as its worthwhile and doesnt take over

I'm looking for ...

A girl who can get on with me, someone nice and genuine, with similair interests, fairly near in age to me, no lunatics please, im not prejudiced ive just had my fill of them, id like to travel and learn about the world, id like to meet someone who feels the same, that theres more to life than just getting wrecked on this island and sleeping around, so yeah, not too fussy, and nationality doesnt matter, it just made me choose one of its options.

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