How to get Tinder on your PC/Mac


Tinder now supports a web browser mode.

As of March 2017, you can now ‘swipe’ straight from your computer. Simply go to and log in. The following video, produced by Tinder, gives you an idea about the experience. And also some weird upbeat music:

This new mode is called ‘Tinder Online’ and the web experience works in much of the same way as the app, except with one nifty bonus feature…

Tinder Work mode

By pressing the briefcase button at the top, you can launch ‘ Tinder work mode’, which very sneakily disguises your lusty search for love with a boring looking document entitled ‘Meeting Notes. But don’t be deceived.

Hidden in this easter egg is a whole host of funny text, the ‘meeting’ was actually a ‘date’.

(Spoiler Alert.) Check it out below:

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