How does Tinder’s Super Likeable Work?


Tinder Super Like 2021 – Explained

As you swipe on tinder , you may occasionally be presented by four choices, and given the opportunity to Super Like one of them.

Tinder presenta la opción Super Likeable

You can freely tap on each profile to take a closer look at each, and then return to the Super Likeable screen.

Once you’ve made your choice, just tap the Super Like star button to fire one off. Sadly, you only have the option of Super Liking one of the profiles, or skipping and losing all of them in the process.

The Super Like you send does not count as one of your daily limit, it’s a bonus on top of your existing stash.

How does Tinder’s Super Likeable Work?

Here’s where it gets a lil creepy. Tinder is collecting and storing huge amounts of data on its users. Every breath you take, every swipe you make, Tinder’s watching. And they’re learning.

Who you’re yes-ing and no-ing. Who you’re talking to, who you’re blanking. Who’s gorgeous beach pics you can’t help but revisit 22 times a day. All this data is helping Tinder build up a personalised account of whom it thinks you’ll find most attractive.

Hence, Tinder Super Likeable profiles are quite literally ‘tailored’ just for you, as they say. These profiles are not random people they’ve plucked out of their database, instead they represent thousands of data points combined to target you personally with who it thinks you’ll like the most.

And what’s more interesting is, the choice you make out of your four options is just yet another part of the system, either confirming or disputing the computer’s prediction that you like girls with librarian chic, blokes with afros, etc.

Super Likeable was launched in December 2017.

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