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The New Tinder Plus

The New Tinder Plus

Tinder is releasing a new addition to the popular app. The app, which used to be completely free, has now become a fermium app with a couple of new features. They are useful if you need them but otherwise you could just stick with the free version of the app.…


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Tinder Boost

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Online dating is a godsend for single women everywhere!


Having the ability to meet many single men by simply logging on to a site is fantastic. It is so easy to meet new people and break the ice before trying to establish more of a connection. When out and about trying to meet guys it can be difficult to feel a man out before agreeing to go out with him. Of course you get a view into his personality and what not but doing so online gives you the opportunity to ask the questions you really want answered since it is easier to control the conversation. Best of all,…

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3 Online Dating Tips for your tinder Profile Update 2019



Tips for your tinder Account .

For many, online dating is the go-to way to find dates. It is convenient, gives you more options and it works! Online dating is amazing and responsible for so many dates, relationships and even marriages. As Valentine’s Day approaches one thing fluttering around in your mind is probably, “I need to get a date”. No one likes to be alone on V-Day and thanks to  facebook dating you don’t have to. Here are 3 online dating…

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How to Get Started With Tinder App lite

First Things First




Before you start anything you actually need the tinder lite App. You can find it on the Appstore of your device whether its apple or android. When you download it you have to connect to Facebook and setup a new account immediately. When you do this you will be able to create your basic profile and start meeting people in your area.

Upload some Photos and…

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