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We all know that when we fall in love and start a relationship, everything seems to be absolutely ideal at the beginning.  The first month we think our "bae" is completely flawless. But if you’ve heard Hannah Montana sing you’ll remember the lyrics: “Nobody's perfect, I gotta work it! Again and again till I get it right”. And she was right. 




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Dare to Use Nanaya Love Algorithm to Your Advantage

Dare to Use Nanaya Love Algorithm to Your Advantage


Blindly falling in love with someone might feel exciting and romantic. However, in many ways, it’s like taking a gamble with your love life. If you pick the right mate, you can be rewarded with many years of happiness. But if you settle for being with someone who isn’t your ideal partner, you could potentially be missing out on eventually meeting someone even better suited for you. So what should you do to increase your chances of making the right decision in love? You can try to go about it in a scientific manner by using…

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3 Online Dating Tips for your tinder Profile Update 2019



Tips for your tinder Account .

For many, online dating is the go-to way to find dates. It is convenient, gives you more options and it works! Online dating is amazing and responsible for so many dates, relationships and even marriages. As Valentine’s Day approaches one thing fluttering around in your mind is probably, “I need to get a date”. No one likes to be alone on V-Day and thanks to  facebook dating you don’t have to. Here are 3 online dating…

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Merry Christmas !

To our family and friends, both new and old, to those we've known forever, those who've been with us through thick and then, those who've kept us up all night sharing special moments, those we trust, those who've always bet on us, those who are with us now, and those who've left:
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