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Active your Account for Tinder Lite

 The app, called "Tinder Lite", is a small and lighter version of Tinder app.

According to TechCrunch, the app is primarily intended for countries where the demand for such an app is needed, for example in places where people don't spend so much on a smartphone. In these countries, the specifications of the smartphones cannot be compared with here in the Netherlands, and users have to deal with fewer MBs and storage space. To give these users the option of using Tinder, the company behind the app is now planning to introduce a lighter version.

How to use Tinder Lite ?Resultado de imagen de tinder lite

Most major tech companies now have a 'Lite' app to meet users in emerging markets, India in particular. Facebook has a Lite app Instagram, Messenger,…

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Tinder date tesla autopilot

Tinder Stories  by  Testla.

The Autopilot de Tesla has 'given us' since its inception in the market the most irresponsible moments since the drivers knew the level 2 autonomy. And is that the 'autonomous' driving has become too much, to the point of confusing an assistant to driving with a car that drives alone.

The mainstream X industry has wanted to be part of the change in the automotive sector and the Prhub platform already houses the first X Clip recorded inside a Tesla underway with the Autopilot activated ... and a driver who believes that level 5 of autonomy exists.

Thanks to Tinder and tesla. 

The next step is predictable: only a minute has passed when the driver asks if he has ever had a date  in a Tesla. And get to work!

And we say to the…

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How to Fix Tinder Error :a 86401

Are you having problems with Tinder and get the message "Tinder login failed" or "Facebook sign-in Canceled" or the NewTinder  Error: a86401

There is a very simple way to solve this problem


If you are having these issue  when you log in, which is very common, we suggest these simple steps so you can fix the problem.


To fix  The Tinder App Error  :a86401

 Go to Tinder 

1. Go to Settings.
2. Go to the "Applications" section.
3. Choose the "Manage applications".
4. Search for the Tinder application.…

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facebook dating The Audio Feature!


Did you know that facebook dating  have a lot of benefits?  And you will love our latest feature! 

Welcome to “The Audio feature”, a wonderful feature that the VIP members of our network will enjoy from now on. We will create and share music files, audio lessons and podcasts. We will not only add tracks, but also create and edit playlists. Click here so you will start enjoying these VIP feature.


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Tindating " The Polls Feature "

Welcome to POLLS!

We are glad to inform you that our community becomes better and better every day. And now, we want to introduce a new feature that can significantly improve the interaction with you and encourage your engagement.

From now on, members will be able to answer polls on myapp.chat, and with just a click, people will give their opinion on issues that concern everyone.
When we want to know the opinion of the public about something, myapp.chat will be the best place to get instant results. This is a new way to relate to the mass…

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IPA day: the perfect excuse to ask your crush out!



Drinking trends have changed quite a lot as the years went by. I’m not even talking about alcoholic beverages specifically. Our grandpa probably asked our grandma to go out for a cup of tea, because that’s what it was expected back then. Can you picture the face of your granny if a man had told her “hey, let’s go for beer”? Yeah, me neither... she wouldn’t have been very excited about it.



But nowadays, it is super common to go to a nice pub on your first date. It doesn’t mean it’s less serious than going out for dinner, going to the cinema, or going to a…

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We all know that when we fall in love and start a relationship, everything seems to be absolutely ideal at the beginning.  The first month we think our "bae" is completely flawless. But if you’ve heard Hannah Montana sing you’ll remember the lyrics: “Nobody's perfect, I gotta work it! Again and again till I get it right”. And she was right. 



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A programmer undertook the task of creating a software with which he was able to steal 40,000 photographs from users of the social network, Tinder.

Stuart Colianni, member of Kaggle (a machine-learning platform acquired by Google), used an artificial intelligence tool to identify the users, and published them on the internet thanks to this Google tool.

How did he do it? It turns…

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The New Tinder Plus

The New Tinder Plus

Tinder is releasing a new addition to the popular app. The app, which used to be completely free, has now become a fermium app with a couple of new features. They are useful if you need them but otherwise you could just stick with the free version of the app.…

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A Guide on How To Use Spotify With tinder

Tinder and Spotify work together to improve the search for love (depending on your musical tastes).

Users of the dating application, with or without account in Spotify, will hear snippets of songs that are uploaded on their prospective partner’s profile.

Couples often have commonalities and differences. These connections and dissimilarities achieve a certain balance for durability. Love, when it touches the door, usually gets through the eyes but there are certain aspects that help to realize that first (and important) meeting. And a passion as strong as music is a good component to savor the cocktail…

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We are happy to announce the release of Blind Dating Chat version 1.0 packed with some really impressive chat features that will give you more chances to Meet More Singles in our Dating Community.




 Mobile web app supports all popular plugins depending on the browser and device compatibility. For example- Audio/Video broadcast, Audio/Video chat / ChatRooms…

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Tindating was recently featured in an article on DatingAdvice.com, "the authority on all things dating." Here's what they had to say:

"The dating site Tindating  seeks to expand the reaches of other sites and apps to find singles all over the world from a web browser on your desktop, tablet, or phone. With its online speed dating service, members can find other singles and video chat securely directly from its website, a unique feature in the dating world.Resultado de imagen para dating advice logo
Many people feel restricted by…
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Tinder Moments

There are many reasons why you should put up some photos to promote your dating profile on tinder. The most important one is that you care about your dating life. If you really want someone to find you, and not just anyone, but your perfect match, then you have to be proactive.

When you put up a tinder moment to our dating community, you have much more chance of being found by your special someone. Any opportunity to be found by the right person is a good one. Just imagine being on a coffee date,…

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The Top Three Tinder Problems And Solutions

The Top Three Tinder Problems And Solutions

In this article you will discover the top three tinder problems and their solutions. The truth is, these problems are not such a big deal but they can completely ruin your experience with tinder.

Connects To Facebook

Many users get tripped up on this…

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