Los Angeles, CA


April 29

About me :

A simple women with a simple goal. Yes, maybe I can't see it for my self yet, and thats why you are there. I'm a Canadian, single,spontaneous and I like a lot of adventures. Few things catch me and bring me into a new understanding of what I thought I know, and then inspire me to own it in a whole new way. I been on my own since collage and its my desire to discover the world on my own and my parents support and trust me about it. I know there's a lot out there to know, things, wonderful places and fun guys to meet. Thank you for turning my day, if not entire attitude around, and providing a great example of how to do that with my clients.

I would like to meet:

Usa Boys

Why i am Here :

Find you

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  • hello dear how you doing baby

  • I'm a Canadian too, I would like to get in touch with you baby!

  • Hi sexy, how are you doing?<img src='http://tinchat.co/smiley/1F609.png' />
  • you sound like an amazing person

  • hey finestone.. you have also got one hell of an intriguing name. I read your profile and loved every bit of words that formed the whole package.. can we be friends and get to discover each other?

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